Discover the romantic side of Naples Set your hearts afire in Naples Florida

Whether you are newly in love with hearts ablaze, or re-igniting old flames after years as a couple, Naples's warm weather and tropical beauty provide the spark to fire up the romance in your life.
Posted by Oliver on Tuesday, December 31, 2013
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While east coast beaches are famed for their party atmosphere, Naples provides so much more, with its offerings of tranquil beauty and cultured entertainment as well as tropical dancing at funky beachside bars. Romance is in the air, and everywhere, in Naples, Florida.

The soft, white sand gives a gentle massage of your bare feet as they sink into the powdery texture. Its cool wetness at the water’s edge provides a firm foothold for a leisurely stroll and shell hunt. The back and forth motion of the calm Gulf waters, and tranquil sound of waves on the shore, melt the everyday stress with each step. A titillating breeze off the water blows gently across your skin and through your hair. Every so often, the sweet scent of jasmine, gardenia, or citrus in bloom will waft in the salty air to tickle your olfactory senses. Put all together, it’s simply intoxicating.

There are very few places on the eastern coast of the U.S. where you can watch the sun set into the sea. Florida’s “Paradise Coast” boasts of spectacular crimson skies at sunset, when the giant orange ball of sun sinks on the horizon into an aqua-blue Gulf of Mexico. Naples beaches afford a plethora of viewing sites: the Naples Pier takes you 1000’ out into the Gulf; the observation towers at Vanderbilt Beach and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park allow a bird’s eye view of the coastline; and miles of beaches, some with amenities and others with a more remote and natural allure, all provide a breathtakingly enchanting sunset view.

There is no lack of daytime activities for couples to share, from swimming, fishing and boating to luxury shopping and intimate outdoor café dining. There is plenty to explore of Naples’ natural beauty on a hike along the boardwalks through one of the Preserves. You may even see egrets, otters or alligators.

Stimulate your taste buds with Naples’ fine food. To beat the noonday heat, down some succulent raw oysters chased with a chilled beer at a beachside bar.  Or dress in locally purchased finery from the upscale shops and dine on tantalizing cuisine with the finest of wines. Whatever satisfies your taste.

Naples offers romantic activities that bring cultured richness such as performances at dinner theater, music at the Philharmonic, and leisurely tours of Naples Botanical Gardens.

There are numerous intimate opportunities for couples to share, offered by the local hotels and soothing spas. Relax with a dip in the hot tub, lavish yourselves with a couples’ massage, or get cozy in a local Bed-and-Breakfast.

Are you ready to literally get engaged and take the big plunge? There is no end to the opportunities for making a REALLY dramatic appeal in your marriage proposal. Take your senses to new heights and depths, whether in the clouds on a bi-plane, adrift on an intimate sailing cruise, or enamored by the undersea world of a diving adventure. It’s less public than a” Jumbotron” proposal, but no less memorable and a great story to tell the future generations.

Naples offers the ideal setting for a wedding ceremony and honeymoon. Whether you plan to spend many thousands of dollars on an elegant ballroom wedding or prefer an intimate affair, you’ll find the perfect amenities to make your ceremony an exceptional event with enduring memories.

Naples loves hosting weddings and our local businesses are adept at creating your dream scenario. Caterers will accommodate your culinary preferences, florists have the perfect arrangement for your bouquet, and bridal shops have the wedding ensemble that was “made for you.” Even if your budget is more suited to a “second time around gown” you’ll find options at the consignment shops on “Treasure Trail.”

You’ll find everything you need for your special day, and beyond, in the local establishments. There is an abundance of fine jewelers and talented photographers. Stationery stores offer the perfect style for your announcements and invitations. Talented local musicians can accommodate any musical taste. Salons offer artistry in make-up and hair. Limousine services will chauffeur the wedding party from place to place. If you prefer to imagine the details and let someone else implement them, you will find experienced wedding planners to free you from the burden and allow you to revel in the joy.

As for that special venue that reflects your personality, the selection is nearly endless. Aside from the obvious options of hotels and ballrooms, there is no end to the range of unique outdoor settings. Weddings at the Naples Pier are a common occurrence, with its pavilion for shade and backdrop of the Gulf. And the beach at Eighth Avenue South has been referred to as “Wedding Beach.” A number of local beachfront parks have pavilions to rent for gatherings. For a “theme based” wedding you could have the ceremony at a Golf Club. The Botanical Gardens provides an enchanting atmosphere with the tantalizing floral scents and vivid colors in the landscape. And then there is the “ceremony at sea” on one of the many yachts designed for the utmost comfort and personalized attention to the needs of you and your guests.

Once the guests have gone and the two of you plant your feet back on the ground, you might take a nature walk as you plan for the future. There are investment planners to help assess your financial potential. Check out the antique markets, furniture stores, and art galleries for ideas for the home. And some young couples might even want to take a peek at the adorable clothes and accessories for infants.

Meanwhile, grab a wine and cheese basket, a bar of handmade chocolate, and head for your private bungalow to work on those dreams and plans. But you should think about surfacing for one of the champagne brunches frequently offered on Sunday mornings. It just doesn’t get more sublime.

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