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We bridge the communication gap between your business and its local customers. Publish your special offers, upcoming events, business information, photos, and more. We will keep our community updated and notified anytime you publish something!

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Before adding your business, we need to make sure that it's not already in our system. The directory contains several thousand records and we want to prevent counterproductive effects of duplicate submissions.

Frequently Asked Sign Up Questions

So it's completely free to sign up? What's the catch?

There's no catch! Yes it is completely free to sign up with and use all of our features. We do offer paid services but all our standard business tools are free of charge.

In what order are Business Entries listed on

All businesses on are listed in the order of their ranking. Ranking points are given based upon member interaction with your business. The list below explains how to receive ranking points.

Member reviews will have the greatest impact on your ranking points. Your business will receive points for every review it receives. The number of ranking points depend on the rating given by the reviewer.

Member votes are another great way to accumulate ranking points. Every time your business receives a Vote Up we will add one ranking point to your account. A Vote Down will have the reverse effect.

Everytime a member bookmarks your business you will receive a ranking point. Bookmarks will also create a direct communication between your business and the members that bookmarked your business.

This is a way for you to have direct influence on your ranking points. We reward all business owners that dress up their profile with photos. Not only will you create a reason for more member interaction, but we will add one ranking point for every photo you upload.

Is it hard to manage a Business Site?

Absolutely not! We've spent our time making sure is as user friendly as possible. If you can fill out an online form or write an email, you can easily manage your Business Site.

What Other Features Does My Business Get?

Here's a list of awesome features you get when you sign up.

  • A Business Site where you can manage your business information online. Share your address, phone numbers, email address, website, hours of operation, custom map, photos and more.
  • An online local event publishing system to let you share your upcoming events with people in your local area. Start posting your local events today! COMING SOON
  • An online special offer publishing system to let you share your deals, coupons and special offers with local customers who want to save money. COMING SOON
  • A review system that lets your customers write reviews about your business. As a business owner, you can respond to any review.
  • A voting system that allows customers to anonymously cast a vote for your business.