Review Guidelines

  • A great review has several key ingredients. It should be useful, insightful, informative, and should describe your experience with this business.

Positive Reviews

  • If you are creating a review because you had a great experience with a business, include details like what product or service you purchased, what the service was like, and what you appreciated most about your interaction with the business. Talk about the qualities that make this business unique and why you felt compelled to write a review.

Negative Reviews

  • If you are writing about a bad experience, please keep the review helpful and constructive.

    Negative reviews are welcome when they are relevant, constructive and help the business understand what went wrong with their interaction with you. Provide understanding and criticism on how they could have made your experience better.

    Name calling, bashing, and spiteful reviews, as well as any reviews that are not constructive are not welcome. We reserves the right to remove these reviews from our system.