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Child Friendly Content

Don’t forget the children. If you would hesitate to show your photos to a child, your mum, or uncle Bob, please don't upload it. If you do, your account will be moderated and possibly deleted.

Illegal or Prohibited Content

Don’t upload content that is illegal or prohibited. If we find you doing that, your account will be deleted and we'll take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the authorities.

Copyright Infringement

Don’t upload anything that isn't yours. This includes other people's photos or stuff you've copied or collected from around the Internet. Accounts that consist primarily of such collections may be deleted at any time.

Hosting Web Graphics

Don't use your account to host web graphics, like logos and banners, or as a replacement for a content distribution network. If we find you using your account to host generic graphic elements of web page designs, logos, icons, and other non-photographic elements on other web sites, or if you show suspicious upload behavior that impacts the stability of our servers, we will warn you or delete your account.

In Conclusion

If you don't feel that you can abide by our Upload Guidelines as outlined above, maybe isn't for you. We’ve crafted these guidelines to ensure that everyone within the community has the experience they want.