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About LakeScapers Lake & Wetland Management

Florida's first choice in Aquatic Weed Control & Wetland Management. It has been our honor over the past 25 years to design & maintain some of the most breathtaking, cost effective, ecologically-friendly water management spaces that you'll ever see-here in Florida or anywhere else. We take great pride in our lake & wetland maintenance programs.

Founded in 1989, Lakescapers LLC is Florida's pioneer lake and wetland management company; we are masters at restoring and maintaining the health and beauty of hundreds of private, commercial and public lakes, waterways, wetlands and preserves.

Services We Provide:‚Äč

  • Lake Management & Maintenance Of All Problem Aquatic Weeds
  • Personal Home Pond Maintenance & Construction
  • Fishery Management
  • Aquatic Vegetation Control
  • Floating Fountain Installation & Repair
  • Fishery Surveys
  • Fish Stocking
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance Programs
  • Wetland Restoration & Maintenance
  • Detailed Monthly Maintenance Reporting
  • Budgets for Lake Communities & Lake Developments
  • Develop Customized Fishery Management Programs
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Vegetation Assessments and Recommendations
  • Vegetation Treatments
  • Floating Fountain Repair
  • Waterfall Pump Repair
  • Fixed Fountain Pump Repair
  • Bulkhead and Overflow Inspection
  • Inspection of Erosion and Sedimentation
  • Trash and Debris Removal
  • Detailed Monthly Maintenance Reports
  • Fishery Surveys and Recommendations
  • Fish Stocking and Delivery
  • Manual Weed Control & Removal Of Old Materials By Professional Labor Staff

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