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About Bala Vinyasa Yoga

Our mission is to welcome, inspire and empower each and every person while upholding a space of excellence. We commit to lead world-class programs and classes from our hearts, with impeccability and integrity. We commit to continual expansion and growth and to being of service by contributing to the local and global community. We offer a physical practice and an inspirational experience that carries you off your mat and into your life, transforming lives and the world in which we live. Bala is the Sanskrit word meaning power. Power not only in the physical sense but in all aspects of your life. To empower thus enrich yourself in mind, body and spirit. Bala is also translated into child. Discovering the childlike qualities of exploration, lightness and fun within your practice without judgments or expectations. Vinyasa means flow, it means without resistance or obstruction. It is the link of each breath to the next. It can be the linking of each movement or yoga posture to the next, aligning the flow of the breath with the action of the body. Vinyasa is also found within the sustaining of a yoga posture. Within the pose we move the breath throughout the body enabling the flow of energy. As we deepen our breath we are able to move closer to the edge of our comfort zone without restriction. When we are able to let go and flow with what may come, we flow without resistance on our mat and in our lives. As a result we encompass more ease and not as much dis-ease in our life.

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