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About Bricktop's Restaurant

BrickTop's is sophisticated, warm and friendly and its menu is highlighted by items such as cheeseburgers, rotisserie chicken, fresh salads, steaks, kosher hot dogs and flatbread pizzas. Side items include shoestring fries, fresh vegetables, signature deviled eggs and more. Daily and weekly specials vary and include seasonal soups, salads, vegetables, fresh fish, specialty burgers and sandwiches. BrickTop's also offers an ample wine list and full bar.

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      on Saturday, November 29, 2014

      Sushi # 1 reviewed Bricktop's Restaurant

      Quality: It's ok     Service: Disliked it     Value: It's ok
      Food is typical Midwest style all my friends from Michigan liked it we had a server that was flustered the day we were there.
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